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How can Epilepsy Monitoring Help you?

Seizures that are difficult to control with medication (intractable seizures) can be devastating to people who are trying desperately to get the most out of life despite a debilitating condition like epilepsy. 

Video EEG monitoring can undeniably give you the answers you are looking for. In fact, 3 out of 10 people who come to our unit do not even have epilepsy, which is precisely why their medication is not working. They have been diagnosed incorrectly and are therefore being treated inappropriately...
The Greek physician Hippocrates wrote the first book on epilepsy, titled On the Sacred Disease, around 400 BC
What is intractable epilepsy?
Patients whose seizures recur despite regular treatment with medication have intractable epilepsy. These patients often resort to new research drugs or epilepsy surgery because their seizures are so difficult to control.

Most cases of epilepsy are not inherited.  However, some types of epilepsy, most of them easily controlled with medications, are genetically transmitted, that is, passed on through the family.
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