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Who benefits?
What to expect

Who benefits?

Patients who may benefit from seizure monitoring are those with:
  • Seizures not being controlled by medication
  • Negative side effects to anti-epilepsy drugs
  • Unclear diagnosis of seizure type
  • Changes in mental state
  • Signs of impaired consciousness without explained cause
  • Episodes of night time behavioral change
  • Convulsive episodes
Epilepsy is a neurological disorder that affects more than half a million South Africans. It is characterized by seizures resulting from abnormal electrical activity of the brain. The disease varies in severity and age of onset. Common symptoms may include involuntary jerking movements, muscle tightening, a daydreaming appearance and even brief loss of consciousness or a period of deep sleep after a seizure.

For approximately 70 percent of those suffering from epilepsy, seizures may be successfully controlled with medication, the remaining 30 percent should explore alternative methods of treatment which may include epilepsy surgery.
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