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Corpus callosotomy cuts the large fiber bundle Generalised
(corpus callosum) that connects the two hemispheres of the brain.  In contrast with a lobectomy, corpus callosotomy does not involve removal of brain tissue.  In most cases, the operation involves cutting the front two thirds of the callosum in the hope that the operation will markedly reduce the seizure frequency.  Corpus callosotomy is most effective for atonic, tonic-clonic and tonic seizures.  Seizure frequency is reduced by and average of 70% to 80% after partial callosotomy and 80% to 90% after complete callosotomy. 

Complications are slightly greater than with lobectomies.  Behavioural, language, and other problems may affect neurological function and the quality of life, but serious problems are uncommon.  Further, the potential risks of callosotomy must be weighed against its possible benefits, such as a reduction in the frequency of seizures that cause injury and other problems.
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